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Ten flowers of Chinese rose introduce articles

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:
Rose, known as the Queen of Flowers, also known as & ldquo; monthly Red & rdquo ;, Rosaceae. Low evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs, flowering seasons, and more red, sometimes white, can be used as ornamental plants, can be used as medicinal plants, also known as the rose. Natural flowering from May to November, flowers large, aroma, widely used in horticulture and cut flowers. Main types of cut rose rose, edible roses, climbing roses, ground cover roses and so on. China is one of the origin of Roses. For Beijing, Tianjin and other city flower. Red flower will become a gift between lovers, and the subject of love poetry.
Flowers: Flowers in the stem tip, solitary or clustered. Are ill, do not check valve (semi plena) and plena of, color-rich, flower-shaped variety.
Fruit: Rose fruit is spherical or pear-shaped, pre-mature green, ripe fruit is orange. Containing bone achenes (seeds) from 5 to 14.
Seeds: Seeds of Rose outer peel, peel for inner and outer layers, the outer layer of bone, very hard; inner fiber layer, fiber intertwined, toughness strong. Testa membranous layer is very thin, tightly wrapped embryo. There is a certain gap between the peel and seed coat.
Leaves: odd pinnate; leaflets 3 to 7, oval or oblong; leaf margin serrate, smooth and shiny foliage of most varieties (some varieties of fine rough matte), when most varieties early leaf purple, gradually turn green.
Stem: Rose of newborn stem purple, green spears, old stems taupe; stems birth and very sharp spines, thorns density because of different varieties.
Root: root morphology and reproduction Rose is closely related seedlings has obvious strong taproot and lateral roots; cutting propagation of seedlings with only lateral root, slippery have taproots, and fewer number of lateral roots, poor viability.

Characteristics: Rose deciduous shrub or evergreen shrub or vine-like shape with a climbing vine. Greenish brown stems, with hooks, barbed or not, but there is almost no thorns Rose. Twigs green, dark green leaves, leaves alternate, odd-pinnate, leaflets usually 3 to 5, broadly ovate (oval) or ovate-oblong, 2.5 to 6 cm, apex acuminate, with sharp teeth , margin serrate, glabrous, smooth; stipules connate with the petiole, entire or glandular teeth, top separated into ear shape.

Peanuts in the top branches, flowers often clustered, dilute solitary, many colors, different color, diameter 4 to 5 cm, mostly petals also are ill persons; caudate long pointed sepals, margin feathery lobes; style separation , out of the estuary calyx, and stamens; each ovary an ovule. There are flowers in the Queen's name. There are slightly fragrant flowers, flowering from April to October (Northern), 3 to 11 months (the South), the largest flower in spring, most are completely spent, or bisexual flowers. Rose succulent fruit, mature reddish yellow, the top split, & ldquo; seed & rdquo; as achenes, chestnut brown. Fruit ovoid or pear-shaped, 1 to 2 cm long, sepals fall off.

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