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Development trends and application of artificial plants [2014-10-20]

The use of artificial plants in our country, it is not strange, which comes as the use of artificial flowers even more. In particular, to the modern, artificial plants gained rapid development, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places t...[More]

The first chapter introduces orchid flowers of China's top ten [2014-10-20]

Orchid orchid genus, is a monocot, is a perennial herb, also called Orchid. Because most parts of terrestrial orchids species native to China, therefore, also known as Chinese orchid orchids, and was listed as China's first top ten flower. Shaoxing i...[More]

Ten of the Chinese chrysanthemum flowers introduce articles [2014-10-20]

Daisy, alias called yellow, life off, Kim English, Huang Hua, Chrysanthemum, Tao Ju, Yi Ju. Asteraceae perennial herb, it was tongue or tubular petals. Height 20 ~ 200cm, usually 30 ~ 90cm. Stem color light green or brown, in addition to the cliff out...[More]

Ten flowers of Chinese rose introduce articles [2014-10-20]

Rose, known as the Queen of Flowers, also known as monthly Red , Rosaceae. Low evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs, flowering seasons, and more red, sometimes white, can be used as ornamental plants, can be used as medicinal plants, also known as the r...[More]

Ten of the Chinese camellia flowers introduce articles [2014-10-20]

Camellia, also famous camellia, Naidong flowers, is Ericales Theaceae, native to southwest China, is now widely grown throughout the world. Traditional Chinese camellia flowers, one of the world flowers, flower Yunnan Province, Chongqing, Ningbo City...[More]

Ten artificial flowers flowers of daffodils introduce articles [2014-10-20]

Narcissus, one of China's top ten flowers. Amaryllidaceae genus Narcissus is a perennial herb, native to China, daffodils are blooming all over the country from Jingzhou. Recently published "Jiangsu Social Sciences" (bimonthly in 2011 the first six)...[More]

Ten artificial flowers of azalea flowers introduce articles [2014-10-20]

Azaleas, one of Chinas top ten flowers. Among all ornamental plants, called flowers, leaves and the United States, planted, potted Safe, use very extensive. Po Chu-Chan said: ldquo; busy holding off two in hand, fine Look not like the world is, this...[More]

Put proposals on the simulation of plant [2014-10-20]

Today, in every corner you can see the shadow of the simulation are mostly plants, parks, streets, community simulation trees, they are really the wind blew a tree together, so that you know which is true and which is false; family living room decora...[More]

Teach you how to identify the simulation peach and cherry [2014-10-20]

Peach and cherry flowers are familiar to everyone, because they beautiful, fragrant, there are moral and other loved by everyone. Speaking of people will say that they too familiar, but if put them put together, so what peach and cherry identify it? I...[More]

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