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Teach you how to identify the simulation peach and cherry

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:
Peach and cherry flowers are familiar to everyone, because they beautiful, fragrant, there are moral and other loved by everyone. Speaking of people will say that they too familiar, but if put them put together, so what peach and cherry identify it?

In fact, the method is still there. At first I was not very will, even though I work for a long time in Saint-plant simulation companies. Although the company is doing their simulation of plants, but do very realistic simulation of plants, peach and cherry imitation, of course, no exception, no hand touch really difficult to distinguish between true and false; which is cherry peach which is more difficult to identify a. This is because the peach and cherry on the taxonomy already belong to the rose family, has a lot of the same characteristics and similarities. Nevertheless, as long as you are willing to spend time to learn to learn, all the problems are not a problem, often the reality is that we are all busy, are not for a small problem to find answers online mass data. And I personally hand is curious, is another easy work, so read some information online summarizes the following points, hope to have the same curiosity friends help.

If you know enough about the cherry and peach, then you can look at the following two paragraphs immediately following, if you are familiar with them, then you can skip the two.
Cherry, oval to rounded crown, flowers and leaves alternate, oval or obovate-elliptic, toothed edge Mans, apex pointed and glands, surface dark green, glossy, paler back. Glandular serrate, flowers solitary or 3-6 top branches were clustered umbrella or corymbose inflorescence, and leaves at the same time after the birth or the first leaf flower calyx bell-shaped or tubular, cultivated varieties of petals; fruit red or black, 5 to 6 months to mature. Different from the plum and peach, cherry biggest feature is a long stalk, leaf base end glands.
Peach, for deciduous trees, leaves oval-lanceolate, margin coarsely toothed, glabrous, petiole length 1 ~ 1.5cm, height up to 6 to 10 m. Trunk brown, rough hole. Twigs reddish-brown or greenish brown, smooth. Leaves oval-lanceolate, margin serrulate. Flowers solitary, white, pink, red and other colors, petals or semi-double petals, flowering in March. Drupe nearly spherical, surface densely short nap, because different varieties, fruit ripening from June to September. The main points of peach fruit and flower peach two categories. Variant has dark red, crimson, white, and red, white and other color variations and complex mixing valve and plena species. Due to the shorter stalks peach, so basically we observed directly adnate on peach branches, but leaves after the first flowering, at the same time to see the flowers, has grown leaf.

Several methods identify cherry and peach:
First appearance of different trunks and squid. Cherry tree trunks and squid seem darker color, cherry trees and clouds peculiar spots, blotches on thick trunk, small spots on twigs, no branches without spots. The peach tree and some flowers are relatively smooth, some colors are fresh, especially the 2012 squid, often reddish or greenish.
Second, the petals are different. Tend to have a small gap on the cherry blossom petals, flower name called crack, and occasionally no. But the peach flower petals generally do not crack, only occasionally affected by external force will make the individual petals forming a flower petal in the process of cracking on development.
Third, the inflorescence state is different. Sakura is generally racemes. Peach is usually solitary.
Four different stalk lengths. Stalk (also called stalk) refers elongated portion connected flowers of flowers. Cherry stalk generally longer, and peach stalk very short, sometimes even see the stalk.
Five different torus shape. Tori referring to the top part of the stalk, in fact, is a small container for carrying the main part of the flower. Sakura is a cylindrical receptacle, slightly longer; while peach is cup-shaped receptacle, the more bulky.
Of course, peach and cherry identify ways there are many, if you're interested, then you can own to find more answers. At the same time I believe that we understand the above points, then there would be a scientific identification of peach and cherry.

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