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Put proposals on the simulation of plant

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:
Today, in every corner you can see the shadow of the simulation are mostly plants, parks, streets, community simulation trees, they are really the wind blew a tree together, so that you know which is true and which is false; family living room decorated the simulation floral and small bonsai, office placed like what & ldquo; Pachira & rdquo;, & ldquo; LUCKY KING & rdquo; etc. beg color emulation small plants, and even a variety of grass everywhere have a: simulation 1 model.
Some people say that science and technology have become lazy, and even do not want to raise a little to take care of the plants. In fact, I'd do not think so, the pace of life as the pace continues to accelerate social progress, but also continue to increase efforts for a better life of the people of pressure, under such circumstances, who would have the time, have the energy What delicate potted to wait on it, we might as well put a little simulation of a small plant, you can not think it would happen a month, not only beautify the indoor environment and easy to manage, serve two purposes not Miya.
Just from the easy care, landscaping speaking, artificial plants is too killer, but I, as a simulation of plant industry practitioners, but also wanted to mention to you a few notes:
First artificial plants are fake, although modern technology and it has the look and feel of the real thing, and even has some special features, but it is always not carry out photosynthesis, can not purify the air. The simulations suggest that you mix and match plants and real plants placed.
Another very important thing is man-made artificial plants, artificial plants industry is now developing rapidly resulting in product quality varies greatly. When the choice must choose artificial plants such as St Clements has 10 years experience of veteran children's products manufacturers.
Finally, we want to say is that proper installation and placement can make your space more beautiful. Artificial Plants willing to bring a trace of your busy life easier.

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