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Ten artificial flowers flowers of daffodils introduce articles

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Narcissus, one of China's top ten flowers. Amaryllidaceae genus Narcissus is a perennial herb, native to China, daffodils are blooming all over the country from Jingzhou. Recently published "Jiangsu Social Sciences" (bimonthly in 2011 the first six) Cheng Jie in the "Origin of Chinese Narcissus," a paper presented, narcissus originated in Hubei Jiangling. In China more than a thousand years of cultural history, is one of the traditional Chinese flowers. The worldwide total of more than 800 kinds of plants, of which more than 10 kinds, such as daffodil, narcissus and other apron has high ornamental value. Narcissus original distribution in Central Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa region, China's Narcissus is spend a variant of daffodils. Flowers are white, were corymbs, leaves narrow ribbon, made ​​by Narcissus root clearing and detoxifying effect. Narcissus language is missing, reunion.

Chinese Narcissus, Narcissus in China's large variety tazetta var.chinensis Roem, is a type. In addition to our common white narcissus, there is a yellow variety called daffodil. Narcissus on Chinese sources, there are scholars, is imported from abroad Five names for translation.

The simulation also known as false daffodils daffodils, narcissus bionic artificial daffodils. Narcissus simulation using ABS plastic, or other high-performance fire-retardant PU environmentally friendly materials. Good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging retardant, more environmentally friendly, UV. Simulation Narcissus combination art decorations, commonly used in bedrooms, offices and villas and studio props being suitable for seasons to watch.

Simulation without watering daffodils and other artificial care, and never fade. Dongguan Fu Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. production simulation daffodils, not only vivid, but with no fade. Harmless, non-toxic, is to touch a child eating livestock does not matter. Such a characteristic is that many manufacturers of artificial plants can not be achieved.

Simulation Narcissus

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