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Ten artificial flowers of azalea flowers introduce articles

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:

Azaleas, one of China's top ten flowers. Among all ornamental plants, called flowers, leaves and the United States, planted, potted Safe, use very extensive. Po Chu-Chan said: & ldquo; busy holding off two in hand, fine

Look not like the world is, this thing is the beauty of flowers, whip Rong peony are ugly mother & rdquo ;. In the natural distribution of azaleas in the world, China has many cuckoo species, the number of masterpiece that China is azalea resources

Treasure. Now, Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou provincial cuckoo flower, as the city flower of the city more.

The simulation also known as false azalea rhododendron, azalea bionic artificial azaleas. Azalea simulation using ABS plastic, or other high-performance fire-retardant PU environmentally friendly materials. Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high

Temperature and fire-retardant, more environmentally friendly, UV. Simulation azaleas combination art decorations, commonly used in bedrooms, offices and villas and studio props being suitable for seasons to watch.

Simulation azaleas do not watering and other artificial care, and never fade. Dongguan Fu Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. production simulation azaleas, not only vivid, but never fade. Harmless, non-toxic, is to touch a child eating livestock does not matter. Such a characteristic is that many manufacturers of artificial plants can not be achieved.

Florid roses are: azalea florid & mdash; & mdash; yours forever. Florid different colors represented azaleas are not the same.

Simulation azalea

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