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The first chapter introduces orchid flowers of China's top ten

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:

Orchid orchid genus, is a monocot, is a perennial herb, also called Orchid. Because most parts of terrestrial orchids species native to China, therefore, also known as Chinese orchid orchids, and was listed as China's first top ten flower. Shaoxing is the hometown of orchids. Long cylindrical roots, leaves from the stems clustered, linear-lanceolate, 2 to 3 a bunch. Orchid roots, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds have some medicinal value. Orchid is a kind of fragrant flowers known, with a noble, elegant features. Ancient and modern celebrity high price of its products, has been hailed as the flower gentleman. In ancient literati often hailed as the beauty of the poetry of the & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the Portland chapter of friendship really hailed & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the blue cross Companion hailed & ldquo; Portland passenger & rdquo ;.

Chinese orchids mainly Chunlan, Cymbidium, Cymbidium, cold blue, ink blue, spring sword, Cymbidium seven categories, there are thousands of horticultural varieties.
Chunlan, also known as orchid, mountain blue. Chunlan widely distributed and abundant resources. Flowering year 2 to 3 months, the time for sustainable one month. Flowers fragrant and pure. There are various colors of rare species Dutch, plum, narcissus, butterflies and other valve type. From the flap-type terms, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Famous most typical.

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