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Development trends and application of artificial plants

Published: 2014-10-20    Source: Fusheng Arts    Clicks:
The use of artificial plants in our country, it is not strange, which comes as the use of artificial flowers even more. In particular, to the modern, artificial plants gained rapid development, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to the emergence of a large number of manufacturers and a large number of high-quality artificial plants products. Due to the growing market demand, a group of visionary businessmen involved in the industry, began working artificial plants, research and development and sales of fresh plants, which led to the development of the whole industry chain. Today, products are also more abundant, such as: artificial palm tree series, fresh palm tree series, simulation series of coconut trees, simulation date palm (sp) tree series, simulation banyan, the ancient banyan series, simulation tree series, PU tree series, simulation series plants cable camouflage vine, camouflage tree series, simulation peach trees, cherry trees, bamboo series simulation, simulation bark series, simulation series leaves, rattan series simulation, simulation turf, fresh plant series, simulation fruit, vegetables series.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, technological progress, artificial plants, plant development and preservation of art reprocessing upgrade, more artificial plants will interpret the perfect harmony between man and nature. Through the tireless efforts of practitioners and diligently pursue to & ldquo; quality, innovation, quality, service & rdquo; ideas and attitudes, plant simulation industry will win more complete and rapid development of space.

With all levels of society to increasing demands of the industry, the industry people are constantly exploring, in order to use our achievements to meet different customer needs. Especially the preservation of plants developed, many investors have invested a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources, the current product variety, low prices, plasticity, reproduction is good, use a long time, easy installation, etc., artificial plants have been all over the country high-star hotels, shopping malls, senior clubs, upscale office buildings and places with relatively space and the environment. Rockery fountains, bridges, islands coconut King, canoe forest, these can only style in exotic or outdoor areas we are also able to be fully reflected in the environment you want.

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